Pro-Armenian position of Vivek Ramaswamy

ARVAK center’s comment, 20.01.2024

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy may become US Vice President if Donald Trump is elected President. The 38-year-old businessman of Indian origin dropped out of the race on 01/16/24 and announced his support for Trump. During a speech in New Hampshire, Ramaswamy asked his supporters from the stage to vote for his recent midterm rival, Trump.

Newsweek predicted in December that Ramaswami will withdraw from the race for the presidency at some stage, in case of Trump’s success, to increase his own chances of getting the second most important position in the US Government. The publication, citing observers, noted that Ramaswamy and Trump repeatedly praised each other during the election campaign, something that was not observed in case of other Republican candidates.

It can be spotted that the views of these figures on the United States key political problems and the world as a whole coincide. Ramaswamy, like Trump, advocates continuation of the “locked Mexican border” policy, is against the military-political integration of Ukraine into the Western bloc, and also adheres to the “America is first and foremost” imperative.

Perhaps Ramaswamy and Trump are also tied by mutual sympathy, which is important for the creation of a future political alliance. Both are big money tycoons who began their business in their youth and achieved success through unconventional thinking and daring endeavors. Both are distinguished by sharp rhetoric and eccentric behavior.

In the context of the interests of the Armenian diaspora in the USA and the Republic of Armenia itself, Ramaswami’s possible appointment to the post of vice president may promise certain benefits. This figure generally adheres to a pro-Armenian position on the Karabakh issue and considers it necessary to put pressure on Azerbaijan to ensure a decent and secure life for Artsakh Armenians in their native land, as he has repeatedly stated during the electoral campaign.

At the same time, it should also be taken into account that Donald Trump himself, during his own electoral debates and speeches, tries to bypass the issue of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and avoids categorical formulations.