Eduard Atanesyan

Director of the Center, Editor-in-Chief

Historian – MA in International Relations (МА), PhD in Political Sciences

Historian – MA in International Relations (МА), PhD in Political Sciences, former Research Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS), MoD, RA, author of one monograph and more than a dozen scientific articles and publications. Worked at the NKR MFA, NKR President’s Office, the Office of the RA Special Envoy. Since August, 2022 – CEO of “Amrots” National Development Foundation.

Armine Nazaretyan


Biologist-Genetic, LTC of the RA Armed Forces Reserve

Author of scientific articles on Environmental Safety and Sustainable Development; had edited, translated, compiled and prepared for publication more than 30 books. Technical editor, then – Head of the Technical Department of the “Armenian Army” defense-scientific journal of the INSS, MoD, RA. Worked as Scientific-Secretary of the Committee on Environmental Affairs of the RA Public Council (2016-20) and is a lecturer at the European University in Armenia.

Arestakes Simavoryan

Programs officer

Orientalist, Turkologist

Author of more than 100 scientific and analytical articles and 12 collective monographs. 2008-2019: Head of the Armenian Studies Center of the “Noravank” Scientific and Educational Foundation. He has also been involved in scientific and analytical activities within various state and educational institutions in the Republic of Armenia.

Bogdan Atanesyan

Media Monitoring Responsible

Publicist, analyst, documentary director.

Author of more than 1,000 op-ed and political-analytical articles and 400 television documentaries. He worked on “H1”, “AR”, “Yerkir-media” TV channels. He collaborated and corresponds for «Golos Armenii», Aysor.am, Voskanapat, «Azat Artsakh» and other periodicals and news-websites.


The Center is an embodiment of two ideas: our roots and the present, the perceptions of the past and the demands of the modernity.

We kick off from the National Epos, according to which Sanasar and Baghdasar, who came to the native lands, saw a strong stream coming down from the mountains and cutting through a large river to continue its course. Amazed by the power of the water, the brothers found the source of the stream and decided to establish their hearth – The House of Sasun, at that starting point.

Taking the small stream that broke through the river as an idea to maintain identity and struggle, we also consider the Armenian term “arvak” (“stream”) as an acronym that indicates the mission of the Center – “National Center for Security and Strategic Analysis”, which in Armenian makes “ARVAK”.


We consider “ARVAK” as an expert platform operating in the academic and analytical field which will seek to involve representatives of scientific and expert circles and organize open-source researches dealing with the security environment of the RA, Artsakh and all Armenians, as well as with their long-term strategic interests.

We also aim to form a community of experts around “ARVAK”, cooperate with like-minded people, organize and hold discussions on topics within the interests of the Center.
When choosing authors and defining research problems, we will be guided by the principles of impartiality and academic freedom.